I am a fourth-year Computer Science student. I am a researcher at the computer science department of the University of Manitoba. Currently I am exploring enterpreunership paths to my career under the Lab2Market program. My previous Co-op work term was at Ubisoft Winnipeg and previous to that I was a research assistant at the biomedical engineering lab of University. My areas of interest include Software Developement, game developement, iOS/mobile developement and my most recent experience is in blockchain development. I am passionate about tech, very motivated, and a fast learner. I have self-taught most of my technical skills to myself and enjoy challenging myself to further push my limits and strengthen my knowledge in different fields of my major.

Let's get into details!

I like taking adventures in life, and by that, I don't mean only going for hikes and different camping places! I take an adventure in different areas of my work, major and co-circular activities in school.